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How did I Start in the Film & TV Industry?

1993: I was on holiday in Los Angeles and went to Universal Studios. While watching a show I was selected from the crowd to play a character on stage and while backstage. I was asked if I worked in the industry and a staff member suggested I should start.

Upon returning to Australia a few months later I joined a talent agency and booked into a 3month full-time course. Upon finishing the course I immediately started working on movies, tv shows, tv commercials. Firstly as an extra, then a couple of small speaking roles, a couple of stand-in/body double roles, a couple of including lead role auditions.

Many years later upon returning to the industry I started working in-house for a boutique talent agency. At the talent agency, I had various responsibilities incvluding designing an extra course.

1994-2015: Works Overview

>Many Different Extra Characters.

>One Hand Double Role.

>One Stand-in/Body Double Role.

>Two Speaking Roles (few words).

>Three Lead Role Auditions (2 TV Commercials and 1 TV Show).

>Inhouse for Talent Agency (not prepared and closed down).

>Started Preparing for My Own Talent Agency.

>Offered an in-house opportunity with an established Talent Agency.

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"There's No Business... Like Show Business"

Franks Sinatra.

Complete Works

2015-2021: Still analyzing the industry.

2015: Talent Agency

Offered an in-house opportunity with an established Talent Agency.

2015: Talent Agency

Start preparing my own Talent Agency.

2015: Talent Agency (subcontracting).

Unfortunately, the silent director had already decided that this was not a profitable business and decided to stop the business moving forward, prior to me arriving (not prepared and closed down).

Talent Agency Responsibilities.

  • Recruiting New Talent (start of major success)

  • Recruiting Working Talent (start of major success).

  • Selling General Courses & Photo Shots (success).

  • Started Writing an Extras Course (which would have been a major success). The only time I audition was for was the stand-in/body double role.

2007: TV Commercial

Lead Role Audition: Well Known Vehicle.

Character: Just purchased a new vehicle.

2007: Movie

Extra: News reporter and also a spectator sitting in the crowd.

2005: TV Commercial

Extra: Well-known beverage.

2004: Movie

Body/Stand in double for a lead role actor.

Character: Soldier.

2004: Movie

Extra: Soldier.

2004: TV Commercial

Lead Role Audition: Well-known beverage and attended many Auditions.

Character: Man walking along the beach with friends.

2003: TV Show (few words).

Extra (various), Hand Double (ninja stars), Speaking Role (soldier).

Character: Various.

2002: Movie

Extra: Patron at a pub.

2002: Movie

Extra: Sitting in the courtroom behind the leading actors.

2002: TV Commercial (few words).

Speaking Role: Home Loan

Character: Husband.

2002: TV Commercial

Extra: Well-known vehicle.

1996: London Agent

I was chosen to go on the books for a Talent Agency.

1994: Different Entertainment Offer

1994: Movie

Regular Extra: Soldier.

1994: Movie

Extra: Patron at the pub.

1994: TV Show

Regular Extra: Beach and coffee shop.

1994: TV Commercial

Extra: Patron in a nightclub.

1994: TV Show

Lead Role.

Character: Son living near the beach.

1994: Corporate Video

Extra: Tradesmen.

1990: First Talent Agent

1998-1990: High School Drama

You can contact me at:

Gold Coast, Australia.