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How I started in the Security Industry.

I was at training and was asked to stand in for one night.

I started at checkpoints, the dance floor entrance, the main entrance areas, both at various venues. The last venue I worked at my role consisted of roaming and being paged by the venue management. The paging message consisted of a zone to attend immediately and I was then to help management and the security guard(s) escort the patron(s) from the venue.

After I stopped working in the security industry I was then a regular patron at all the pubs and nightclubs where I had previously worked. Many years later I gained a certificate 111 in security operations.

While brainstorming ideas for both my tourism and real estate domain name portfolios. I started to realize the importance of cybersecurity and the many methods of a cyber attack.

Further research and study showed that there are also many methods of defense towards a potential cyber-attack or even a cyber-attack.

Protecting both Your Offline & Online Real Estate.

You should always make sure you lock the doors and windows of a brick-and-mortar building and even possibly have an alarm system installed and even possibly a guard. You also need to make sure that the domain name, website, customer data are locked and also have some form of an alarm system.

Defending a Cyber Attack!

There are many reasons why cyberattacks occur and it's not just about financial gain from large organizations. It's also about 1-page websites being put under a cyber-attack.

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